Retrospective Rating Program

WASWD's Retrospective Rating (Retro) Program is a risk pool that enables participating members to receive refunds on their state Department of Labor & Industries (L&I) premiums when they minimize industrial insurance losses. 


This voluntary safety incentive program offered by Washington’s Department of Labor and Industries allows our members the opportunity to earn refunds on the workers’ compensation premiums they pay. 


When the total claims costs for risk pool participants is less than their L&I premiums, participants can receive substantial refunds—historically as high as $1.1 million for the pool, with over $3 million refunded to date. 


How the Program Works: 

WASWD’s Retro Program is administered by Archbright, a local consulting agency that works with participating members to oversee their L&I Claims. Archbright manages the claims, helps reduce costs through timely claims closure and discovery of over-payments, and aggressively manages return to work efforts. In addition to these services, participating members also gain access to Archbright's expert human resources advice and safety services to help elevate employee performance. 


WASWD's Retro Program is the only opportunity to receive a refund from your L&I premiums. If you are a member and want to join the program, click the Join Retro button below to initiate the application process. Not a member? Click here to join.