Member Benefits

Membership in the Washington Association of Sewer & Water Districts (WASWD) provides a wealth of resources and benefits in three key areas: 
Educational Benefits
WASWD ensures that members remain at the forefront of the industry through training programs, webinars, conferences, newsletters and industry alerts, member-only resources, and direct access to legal and financial assistance at no extra charge—all of which enables more informed decision-making and improved service at every level. Learn more >
Advocacy Benefits 
WASWD provides a strong, combined voice representing special purpose sewer and water districts — both within our state and at the national level; monitors and takes action on critical legislative issues; and provides direct representation on issues and laws that impact Special Purpose Districts and customers.  Learn more >
Collaboration Benefits 
WASWD offers multiple opportunities for sharing knowledge, perspective, and experience via regular meetings, issue-focused committees, and social events, along with a special Retrospective Rating Program opportunity for members to receive a refund of a portion of their state L&I premiums.   Learn more >
Associate Member Benefits 
Associate members receive access to member resources, including the member directory and mailing database, along with opportunities to present at conferences and section meetings.   Learn more >
Interested in becoming more knowledgeable?  
Concerned about the impact of emerging issues related to infrastructure, funding, utility policies, and legislation at both the state and national levels?  
Ready to gain access to a wealth of industry resources, expertise, education and 


We welcome your membership with WASWD! Please click the Join WASWD Today button to select a membership type and begin the application process. All applications must receive Board approval to initiate membership. We will confirm with you when it has been accepted.  


We look forward to receiving your application. 

If you are a past member who has not renewed in over a year, please contact to start the application process.

Membership Levels 

Membership is open to special purpose water & wastewater districts, other public and private water utilities, and those companies and organizations that provide goods and services to the industry.



General Members:
A special purpose sewer, water or combined sewer/water district of the State of Washington that has been accepted by the Board of Directors and is in good standing. When selecting your member type in the application, please select either Watet/sewer district - Revenues BELOW $10 Million or Water/Sewer district - ABOVE $10 Million.


Associate Members:
A person, company, state or local agency, non-district local government, consultant or association that is not a special purpose water and/or sewer district; has been approved by the Board os Directors; and is in good standing.


Non-District Local Government Members:
A city, county, public utility district or other form of local government that is not a General Member and has been approved by the board and is in good standing. This Member is a special purpose sewer, water or combined sewer/water district of the State of Washington that has been accepted by the Board of Directors and is in good standing and has revenues above $10 million. Further details are found on the application itself.