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If you are a past member who has not renewed in over a year, please contact to start the application process.
Membership in the Washington Association of Sewer & Water Districts is open to special purpose water & wastewater districts, other public and private water purveyors and those companies and organizations that provide goods and services to the industry.

Members benefit not only from increased communication with other utilities, but also by interfacing with companies and organizations addressing issues common to water/wastewater industry. Including:
  • Dealing with our changing environment of rules and legislation.
  • Addressing common physical and cyber security challenges.
  • Collaborating in strategies for containing costs.
  • Educating both staff and elected officials, making them more valuable members of their organization.
Associate members benefit from greater awareness of their industry in general and the needs of water and sewer districts. Associate members can also serve on committees with district staff, elected officials, and other associate members; thus establishing valuable contacts and resources for solving problems in their industry.