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General Member 
A special purpose sewer, water or combined sewer/water district of the State of Washington that has been accepted by the Board of Directors and is in good standing. When selecting your member type in the application, please select either Water/sewer district- Revenues BELOW $10 Million OR Water/sewer district- Revenues ABOVE $10 Million.

Associate Member 
A person, company, state or local agency, non-district local government, consultant or association that is not a special purpose water and/or sewer district; has been approved by the Board of Directors; and is in good standing.

Non-District Utility Member 
A city, county, public utility district or other form of local government that is not a General Member and has been approved by the Board and is in good standing. 

Retro-Only Member 
An organization that participates in the WASWD Retrospective Rating Group Program ("Retro Program") that is not a sanitary or drinking water service provider, has been approved by the Board, and is in good standing.

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