• Uphold special purpose districts' abilities to provide affordable and efficient utility service for customers and firefighting purposes.
  • Ensure safe drinking water and effective wastewater treatment for communities.
  • Promote state and federal funding for investment in critical drinking water and wastewater infrastructure.
2023 Legislative Priorities
Public Works Assistant Account
The Fund diversion for the Education Legacy Fund sunsets in 2023. It will be important to ensure there are no further diversions. Further, aiming to have loans consistently available to utilities for increasingly expensive infrastructure improvement projects, WASWD will work for fund allocation that supports robust loan cycles in 2023 and 2024.

In-House Public Works Projects
Competitive bidding can consume substantial administrative resources and does not always provide cost savings. Raising the threshold dollar amount that is exempt from bidding requirements for work that can be done in-house would provide financial and workload benefits for districts. This is particularly important given current inflation.
Sewer And Water Districts:
  • Governed by elected commissioners.
  • Managed by certified professionals
  • Funded by rates and fees, not taxes.
  • Dedicated to water conservation through rates, metering, consumer education and system efficiencies.
  • Operate in compliance with State and Federal safe drinking water regulations and the Clean Water Act
  • Coordinate with Cities and counties to meet land-use planning and economic goals in the region.
Judi Gladstone
Executive Director
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Scott Hazelgrove
Joren Clowers